Social Media Guidelines for Teachers

Social Media

ECBOE Social Media Recommendations and Reminders 

ECBOE recognizes the value of social media, both for personal and professional use.  However, there are some guidelines that should be addressed when educators use social media. The guidelines and reminders below have been posted to better protect (and inform) ECBOE employees from charges of inappropriate use.

  • It is strongly recommended that teachers do not friend current students and/or students under 18.  We understand there may be exceptions (a relative, a friend's child, etc.).  However, as a general rule, it is ECBOE's recommendation that teachers do not friend students.  
  • Be judicious about "friending" students' parents on Facebook.  Not all parents are Facebook users, and it may appear unfair if some parents are "friends," while others are not.   The SharpSchool website is equally accessible to all stakeholders with Internet connectivity, and it is the preferred method of disseminating classroom information.  
  • Many teachers utilize Edmodo as a wonderful (and safe) social media tool to engage and assess 21st Century learners. 
  • Never forget that on a social networking site, once you post something, it may be available forever, even if you choose to remove it from your page. "Post only what you want the world to see." 

ECBOE Social Media DON’Ts....

  • ECBOE employees should not update social media statuses or post non-instructional content during school hours.  Stakeholders expect ECBOE employees to be working during the school day; posting on Facebook during this time may give the impression that teachers are not fulfilling their responsibilities to students.
  • Avoid posting pictures with students in them without permission from the student (if 18 or older) or his/her parents (for under 18).
  • If you have a Facebook  page and/or Twitter account for your class, do not use them as your sole means of classroom communication. Remember, all parents are not social media users. 
  • Do not say or do anything (or post pictures) on social media that you would not share in the classroom with parents, your school principal, and your school board present. 
  • Routine digital communication between teachers and parents should be conducted through the ECS mail (not Facebook messages) or text messages. 

*It may be permissible to create a professional Facebook group.  If so, it should only post (or link) content that is already on the teacher SchoolMessenger website, and it should not be used for ongoing two-way conversation between students/parents.  For a professional page,  it is acceptable to post links on your Facebook page to your existing school website.  However, the reverse is not acceptable.  Call Technology Office for guidance. 

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